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If you wish to contact us regarding any support or any service we offer, please use the below contact details"

For any requirements that you would require, we can tailor make your package and support all your requirements. Please contact us for packages availabe, and how we can accommodate your needs...

We are accepting payments on special request in method of the below - Please see details below addresses to be in line with acceptance:

  • XMR: Request Address
  • ETH: Request Address
  • ETN: etnkNqswJ9hCEZ4BRcDS9h8YP6UFixCv84yFHJvWvVZKWUJ59Z7FfeFZ2fYK8MDCMTgVdY2zMWMw2RVBvY4xRExc6fCGc6nK8s
  • BTC: Request Address

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Do you use FreeWallet? No Problem. Avoid the blockchain transaction fee by using the below QR-Code for all Crypto currencies (


  • Only pre-arranged payments will be recognized
  • Block chain address & amount is to be emailed to as confirmation
  • Amounts will only reflect the exchange rate of date & time paid
  • Payments not acknowledged in the above method will be accepted as donations
  • No refunds will be made


T: +27(0) 84 277 2616
F: +27(0) 86 654 7076


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