Interested in Crypto Currencies???

If you are interested in Crypto Currencies, our suggestion to you is to start off with a Luon wallet here.

Once you have created an account, you will then beable to deposit ZAR into the account and purchase either ETH or BTC via the app (downloadable from the Google PlayStore). This happens with EFT transfers and not credit card ppurchases, which we all have difficulty believing in.

Once you have a positive balance, you will then be able to either pay your account using BTC/ETH, or you will be able to buy into AltCoins via an exchange app. 

Below I will list exchanges that can be used to trade your Crypto.


Please be sure to do sufficient investigations into the transfer fees and minimum quantity requirements from each exchange before transferring into the new wallet to trade AltCoins. 

Buy BTC/ETH: We would recommend as this platform. We use it and have had zero problems in the last 12 months!!!

To buy Electroneum, please visit their site:, and click on exchanges, or click here

For Monero XMR, our suggestion would be to start with Luno, and transfer your BTC or ETH to any of the below listed exchange platforms to trade (only listing top 5, for full list, visit coingecko here):

  1. HitBTC
  2. Binance
  3. Bitfinex
  4. Poloniex
  5. Livecoin

To select a trade platform and visit their site, please click on one of the below images:

* PlusTAX is in no way affiliated with any of the external sites and can not be held responsible for any problems experienced using any of the external links provided. Our information is obtained using, and is strictly based on the ranking list at date of publishing. We do, however, suggest being vigilant in the information that you share, and suggest that antivirus scans, anti spyware scans, and anti malware programs be installed to protect your best interests. 

All the above sites have support teams ready to assist you in problems you may experience. 

All crypto trading should be done with the knowledge and experience that you may gain from the internet (Google searches) and know that majority of the transfers can not be undone. Exercise caution and ensure to be exact in the addresses used that finger-fault can be avoided, as this is not covered by any transaction. 

We have posted our wallet addresses on the contact us page, as well as the QR codes for accuracy. Please use these addresses for Donations you wish to send, and/or payments for services rendered on any of our offered services (services tab), with prior email notifying us of the payment.

We will not be held responsible for any loss experienced on the exchange platforms, as all trading platforms warn that "Crypto Trading is a financial Risk if not done properly", therefore we suggest that you investigate the options before trading.

Wishing you a profitable experience!!!!

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