All depending on what you require from a service, should it only originate from a fax machinne, or end up at one, but you would like the convenience of being able to receive regardless of being in the office or on the road, then we have a solution for you.

Our free Fax2email service will ensure that you have a 086 fax number free of charge, and will be able to receive faxes at no cost of service (data charges may apply over mobile networks), and will be delivered to the email address that you have registered with us. Upon registration, we will issue you a free fax number which you will be able to start using immediately, and will receive faxes as they are sent. 

If you are looking to be able to type out a message, or send a document (PDF, Doc, etc) to a fax machine, then we also have the perfect package for your. This option works just as said above, but has the additional feature to register email addresses who will be able to utilise the email to fax service. 

This service uses credits to send faxes, and credits are easily purchased via your registered account. Please contact us for any further information

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