is you one stop solution to all you hosting needs!!!

We boast with minimum of 17 years in IT industry, with working knowledge of CCTV and Alarm systems to approximately 4 years.

Looking for personalised domain for your company or personal hobby? Look no further. How about an email box or 3 to go with that? You are at the right place.

But if you fancy yourself as a prominant web-designer, then you are still in the right place. We boast with a collection of services to cater for your requirements, and can also tailor-make packages according to your unique needs.

If you require anything that is not advertised on this site, contact us and we will advise if it is an option that we will be looking to offer, at the lowest rates available to us.


Guaranteed Quality

At PlusTAX, we strive to provide you with all services required by you, to meet all your needs & requirements.

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All your Internet needs

We cater for all your requirements regarding internet hosting:

  • Email Hosting
  • Web hosting
  • FTP hosting
  • Domain related Queries

Web designing

If you require web design, we will connect you directly with one or any of our development specialists. 

You will have direct contact with these experts to define the site you wish to display everytime someone hits your homepage

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