Our Services to You...

With our servers, you are guarenteed minimal downtime. In 4 years of service, our servers have been down for a maximum of 30 minutes, and this was scheduled and planned maintenance on hardware upgrades. 

We boast a direct line on the backbone, without bandwidth limitations* and speeds to shoot the roof!!!

Currently we are trying to source freelance webdesigners, out of which we put no claim. You are connected direct to the webdesigner of your choice, and deal direct with them.

Coupled to this, we have unbeatable hosting deals to suit your requirements. We are ever expanding on our services to you, and should you require additional or different services, feel free to ask us for a no-obligation, cost free quotation.

If websites are not in your profile (yet), we offer POP3 and SMTP email hosting. All you pay for, is the domain and the space which is to be utilised for this service.

Have a look at our individual packages on offer by floating your mouse pointer over the Services tab, in the menu bar above.

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