This is a different option that anyone does offer in the field of Technology. To us, we all assume that everyone is giving their honest and professional reason and report, but in the end of the day, unfortunately, (and this is said without statistic or proof), we all go and seek advice from one or another shop. 

The sad part is that in majority cases, the "professional" opinion we ask for, is biased and related to sales and achieving internal goals based on daily sales.

The views in this page are in no way directed at any specific market company or trade, and we reserve the right to air out our opinions on todays living conditions as we deem fit, in accordance with the rule that no one will be named or directed at during this story.

If you feel you have been negatively impacted by this post, we urge you to contact us and give us a detailed report on the nature of the complaint by clicking here.

Back to the subject... we will offer any advice on which you might be finding yourself in a struggle to deal with. In all honesty, we cannot charge you for advice given, but send us an email with your questions or situation, and once reviewed, we will respond to your email with what we deem is the better option.

There are restrictions on the service, and that will mean that items affecting your personal life, by means of marriage, love, wealth, health etc, are not included for this service. We are not a hortrorscope.

Our services are in line with technology fields, in terms of IT, CCTV, and alarm placings in your home.

If you feel that we have assisted you, payment for this service can be done by method of donation to that amount of your choice, starting from R50-00 incl.VAT. 

This is a brand new wing on this platform, but we will be extending to a blog for a group assist forum, but depending on the demand.

Return to this page for updates once this service becomes available, as we will be offering the opportunity for Moderators to be made, administrators to be appointed, and Guru's to have a place where they could assist anyone.

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