Email Hosting

If all you are requiring is a home for your emails to be sent to, then we have a number of tailor-made packages to suit your requirements.

Whether you already have a domain which you own, or you are looking to register a new domain, then you have come to the right place. Please read below on how we can tailor-make your email hosting package.


With our easy email hosting package, we offer you the ability to register a domain, and receive emails which are addressed to your personalised email address.

All you need to do, is register your domain through us, and we will set up the addresses as per your requirements. Because this is an "Easy" option, we offer you the variety of choice to decide how much web space you require, and will inform you when your email box is almost full.

In this option, you will be charged in one of the 2 methods available, meaning you could allocate an amount of space (measured in capacity - MB/GB) over a certain amount of email addresses (to a maximum of 3 addresses). For us to meet your requirements, you will need to contact us for pricing that we are able to tailor make your package.


For small to medium businesses, this is the ideal package for you. The basics apply to a domain, and will then also offer you the option of email addresses to suit your requirements. The difference here, is that your domain will be allocated to a greater amount of disk space, and offer you 5 - 10 email addresses, but ofcourse with the option to increase this number, with the additional costs per mailbox, per size allocated.

A mixture of Medium and Easy... If you wish. But all this to suit your requirements, in the best cost-effective offering that allows us to give you the service that you require..


With our Enterprise package, you will receive a domain for free (limited to signing a 12 month contract, renewable annually, limited to On this option, you will need to tell us how many email boxes you require, then they will be set up as per your requirements (to support current business communications without down-time). On this package, we offer you 1, 2 or 3GB disk space. 

On international and personalised domains, you will receive the same as above, but you will remain responsible for the renewal fee (invoiced by us). 

If the disk quota is too small for your requirements, feel free to contact us for a personalised quotation on the Enterprise package.


Ok... now I have you asking why Easiest would be all the way down here. Well, its simple. If you are not looking for your own domain, I will give you a sub-domain which is part of our company, to be used exclusively only for email communications. This option is only available in 6 or 12 month, pre-paid option, to reserve availability and reserve your mail box. PLUS!!! Because its the easiest, it comes at a minimum cost. We offer you this great deal at a once off setup fee of R45-00 for the subdomain setup fee, and a monthly fee of R15-00 per email box (limited to 100MB server storage per email box).

***Our services are limited to capacity and urge you to set up PC or mobile phone as IMAP services that you are able to delete emails from the server, alternatively programs such as Outlook (Microsoft registered products), can be configured to delete emails from the server, and retain them on your PC until you delete them. If you prefer to have Outlook download and access your email on your mobile, then the emails deleted from you mobile will also delete from our mail servers. Warning on this: Outlook must be connected to the internet to sync with our servers (24/7), otherwise emails deleted on mobile view, will not be downloaded to your Outlook.

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