FTP Hosting (No webpage)

With the ever growing requirement to have files available at any time from any location, and the limitations on majority of the email servers, we offer you the option to host FTP Only packages.

We will offer you the option of loading 1 page for your business or to display your information, or this page should include an index of the FTP.

The options on this package will include security (disable private browsing, password protected folders, limited public browsing). This will be all done according to your requirements.

Our hosting packages start at 1GB Disk Space, and carry no limitations on Bandwidth useage. 

The options that are available for FTP hosting, is that you have the option of uploading your files to a subdomain on our PlusTAX.co.za domain (yourchoice.plustax.co.za) at no extra cost.

You will however be required to choose and pay the options on disk space which you require, and our packages start at 1GB, and up:

  • 1GB - R130-00 excl. VAT
  • 2GB - R175-00 excl. VAT
  • 3GB - R250-00 excl. VAT

If you require more space than what is above, please contact us for the tailor made packages. Ofcourse our main idea is to offer you more space, at a cheaper rate, so if you find FTP access out there with lower rates, we will match the quotation, and offer you the third and seventh month free of charge.

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