If you are looking for a webdesigner, then this will be the place for you. 

We are looking for freelance webdesigners, looking to boast their portfolios in their own pages (1 page per project, first project for free!!!). 

All webdesigner professionals listed below will be your one stop contact for all your eyecandy needs. They are put to the test and are required to prove what they can offer you, even before they offer you any services. 

In this way, we at PlusTAX, ensure that what you require, is readily available, and nothing less than your requirements, can be met.

By contacting any of the designers below, PlusTAX does not claim any transfers of monies of any kind (Crypto or Country) for the design or quotations. This will be entirely between you and our professionals.

If however you wish to lodge a complaint, please feel free to contact the postmaster, but remember, a complaint requires aggervating and mitigating arguements. You report to us, and we take our professionals to task by reviewing what they offered you, versus what you expected (as per advertised).

Our mission is to offer you the best you could think of, at the affordable rates of the Freelance professionals. 

Please ensure to review each portfolio beforehand, as that will be your ticket to eyecandy!!!

In the lists below, you will find the links to view each of our Freelance professionals in the comfort of your own home. Please note that by communicating directly with our professionals, you accept their terms and conditions, as PlusTAX is merely a platform in assisting those with talent out there.

Responses could be delayed due to time zones, as our business here does not only focus on the community of South Africa, but freely offers this to international talent IF they are freelance.

Interested in positing a page of your talents up on this website? No problem. Contact our postmaster here and we will be in contact with you.

All communication is suggested and preferred to be in English, due to the international language factor. Any misconduct will not be tollerated, and you could lose your place on this site as freelance if you dont abide.

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